Boards As Cauldrons Of Emotion: Power! Betrayal! Plotting! Deceit!

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Extract from Chapter 1 of Realpolitik “Eight Essential Aspects Of Small Company Boards” Essence 7 – Cauldrons Of Emotion: Power! Betrayal! Plotting! Deceit! “On one Board a lifelong friend stabbed me in the back.” Boards are comprised of people not robots. This needs emphasising as Board-inexperienced folk can have far too much of a “bloodless” legal/regulatory concept of the Board. If the reality – that one side of the Board coin is “legals” and the other “realpolitik” – was accurately reflected then half the books and courses on the market would be about “emotions” not “logic”. Which they manifestly are not.Given that the Board

The Early Stage Startup Is A No Bread Sandwich And Why It Needs Bread

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You can if you really want make a no-bread sandwich - you can fool yourself, as in the picture above that two slices of cucumber can make a sandwich or cheat with an approximation like rice paper wraps - but then you end up with a spring roll. They can be great but they are not sandwiches are they?As we covered in last week’s article the deeper nature of creativity is mysterious, mankind’s God-like ability to create what did not exist before is a truly wondrous thing. But once you have recovered from all that numinosity and got it home

What Serial Entrepreneurs Know About The SmallCo Board That First-Time Founders Don’t

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There is one mistake that is so common that it is near ubiquitous amongst the inexperienced first-time Founder when it comes to their company’s Board. Over the past six years I have podcasted with getting on for 150 founders and over the past two and a half years, in the course of writing "The Realpolitik Of The Unlisted Company Board" interviewed over eighty SmallCo Board members - most of whom were founders. So I’m in no doubt about the mistake. Not just that but the dynamics that lead to it. It is this - first-time founders do not take

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