Boards As Cauldrons Of Emotion: Power! Betrayal! Plotting! Deceit!

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Extract from Chapter 1 of Realpolitik “Eight Essential Aspects Of Small Company Boards” Essence 7 – Cauldrons Of Emotion: Power! Betrayal! Plotting! Deceit! “On one Board a lifelong friend stabbed me in the back.” Boards are comprised of people not robots. This needs emphasising as Board-inexperienced folk can have far too much of a “bloodless” legal/regulatory concept of the Board. If the reality – that one side of

The Early Stage Startup Is A No Bread Sandwich And Why It Needs Bread

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You can if you really want make a no-bread sandwich - you can fool yourself, as in the picture above that two slices of cucumber can make a sandwich or cheat with an approximation like rice paper wraps - but then you end up with a spring roll. They can be great but they are not sandwiches are they?As we covered in last week’s

What Serial Entrepreneurs Know About The SmallCo Board That First-Time Founders Don’t

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There is one mistake that is so common that it is near ubiquitous amongst the inexperienced first-time Founder when it comes to their company’s Board. Over the past six years I have podcasted with getting on for 150 founders and over the past two and a half years, in the course of writing "The Realpolitik Of The Unlisted Company Board" interviewed over eighty

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