A Brief History Of NEDs – From Zero via Guinea-Pig to being the Gods Of Governance

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In the prior article we looked at how the VOC, the Dutch East India Company, shareholders waged a twenty-year campaign to get some influence on the governance of the business that their funds had created and ended up importing an abbreviated version of the EIC, the English East India Company's two-tier Board. An episode so forgotten over the intervening centuries that business schools these days teach that two-tier Boards reflect "continental" attitudes to Governance in comparison to the allegedly Anglo-Saxon single-tier Board. It is at times like those that I look to the title of a book on my shelf

Business Regulation in 1000AD

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In previous posts we have looked at how Business Regulation worked 4,000 years ago and how the first English Companies were governed nigh on 500 years ago. This week we land in the middle with a look at how business regulation worked a thousand years ago. Mind you even recent copies of the core text will cost you £198 right now. So maybe a peep will be good enough? Note the simplicity and clarity of both regulation and punishment - something that we have totally lost in the 21stC - as a consequence of which much human activity that

A Short Overview of Business and Regulation 4,000 Years Ago

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The origins of business as we know it are deep as is the regulation that always surrounded business (though in successful societies never smothered it as it is beginning to do today). Two short extracts from Realpolitik, where the topic is covered in more depth on the ancient history of business and the jelly mould - regulation (today internal = Board, external = zillion regulators) - that shapes it."The earliest surviving written records of any sort are cuneiform tablets from Mesopotamia ~3200BC by which time civilisations had demonstrably existed in that area for some two thousand years. Tablets were predominantly

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