This website is dedicated to promoting Entrepreneurial Governance which is essential for Founders and Unlisted Boards to help make their businesses bigger, better and more robust than they are today.

For roughly 450 years there were minimal rules&regs surrounding how you conducted your Board – after all Companies are the private property of their owners and as long as they follow the law what business of the State is it how they are held? And Founders and owners of businesses are super-motivated to make them a success.

However unless you are an experienced entrepreneur, or were on a Board before 1992, the chances are that anything you’ve ever absorbed about Boards will almost certainly have come from the historically super-anomalous Statist Corporate Governance tradition.

In the UK apart from Company Law, Listing Requirements and so forth over the past 30 years there have been some two dozen Statist “thou shalt” codes of What The Board Should Do (and unsurprisingly zero on how the State (in which we are all shareholders) shall be run). Not one of those Codes was written by an entrepreneur. Not one of those codes is about growth, creativity or creating value. Cadbury who started this trend in 1992 cautioned against focusing on Corporate Control only – however rules, regs and codification are the zeitgeist – and besides how would you write a Corporate Creativity Code?!

This website aims to revive the tradition of Entrepreneurial Governance – a balanced focus on Corporate Creativity and Corporate Control. The revival of tradition is based on an understanding of tradition when the State was far smaller and less invasive along with by now over 100 interviews of Board Directors about what makes a successful Board that propels a Company forwards.

The essence of Entrepreneurial Governance is that..
There is a Board heaven and there is a Board hell and there is a lot of limbo-land in between.

Done well great Boards support the Founder and their team and propel them to greater success than if the Board never existed. They support, mentor, challenge, help with networking, fund-raising and should fill whatever strategic gaps exist in the team.

Done badly Boards are an expensive waste of time, a ball and chain around the founder’s ankle, just something else to drag along on the entrepreneurial journey.

Done really badly, like many Founders I have spoken to, you start seeing the next Board meeting as being as appealing as a root canal.
Worst of all your Board becomes a gallows and executes you in the land that you created.
How would you and your Company’s future change if you had a great, entrepreneurial Board?
Start moving today towards Board heaven and away from Board hell…
Check out Realpolitik, my map of the territory based on interviews with, and 400 quotes from, 80 Founders, Chairmen, NEDs and Capital Providers who together have thousands of man-years of experience.
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